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Wayne Blazejczyk is known for his position as director, owner, and shareholder of multiple companies across Australia. Wayne Blazejczyk is currently part owner and shareholder of Nona Mills, where he also acts as the Managing Director of the company.

Before Wayne Blazejczyk became an administrator, he worked as a financial planner and insurance agent. This career path led to him becoming the Director of Australian Finance Group, one of Australia’s most prominent financial brokerages. Soon after, Blazejczyk became One Stop Corporation Pty Ltd’s CEO. This position gave him the opportunity to have full control over necessary business functions such as acquisition, team development, and expansion and honed his ability to develop logistical strategy for various industries. During this time, Wayne Blazejczyk became known for providing his clients with innovative logistical solutions to improve the standing of their businesses. 


Wayne Blazejczyk left One Stop in 1999, after which he became a shareholder and owner of multiple Ballast companies up until their sale. Overseeing the training of staff has always been one of Wayne Blazejczyk’s strengths, and he has strived to improve infrastructure to streamline the process while providing employees with resources to further develop in their areas of expertise.

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During the COVID-19 health crisis, Blazejczyk has noted the importance of developing and adhering to protocols to ensure employee safety while ensuring that crucial business functions continue. To this point, Wayne Blazejczyk has acted as a resource for companies reimagining their workplace safety and infrastructure.

As Managing Director of Nona Mills, Wayne Blazejczyk takes a hands-on approach to directing business operations for the company. Blazejczyk calls upon the experience that he has accumulated in multiple sectors of business to provide Nona Mills with strategic guidance and ensure that the company is maintaining a course towards its various long-term goals. He realizes that daily operations are much more streamlined when each member is working to their strengths for the betterment of the business, and he takes pride in his ability to inspire employees to give their all while seizing opportunities for growth and development in the industry.

In addition to his experience in business, Wayne Blazejczyk is known for the passion he holds for hockey. He is a life member of Fremantle Hockey Club and has played and coached competitively for years. Currently, Wayne Blazejczyk is Letchworth Women’s Hockey Club’s head coach. One facet of the sport that Blazejczyk enjoys is that it rewards similar traits as business development. He recognizes that gaining a firm grasp of fundamentals, keeping an analytical approach to problems encountered, teamwork, and a desire to improve are coveted skills both in the office and on the pitch.

Wayne Blazejczyk


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